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All of our ingredients are sourced locally where possible and  all our products are hand crafted in Cornwall.

There are no additives or preservatives in our sauces, just honest, tasty goodness.

Our Epic BBQ sauce is a fantastic combination of deep south flavours. Sweet and tangy, it can be used as a marinade, a cook-in sauce or simply as a delicious condiment to have with any kind of meaty meal.

Our Smoky Hot Sauce is a meduim heat, flavourful blend of smoked chillies.

Sweet and smoky, it's an ideal partner for chicken but will go with most meats and is also good snuck on to your cheese-on-toast!

Our Carolina Vinegar sauce is our most versatile.

A sweet and sour-style sauce with a mild chilli kick at the end is perfect with all meats, is exceptionally good with shellfish and can even be used as a salad dressing.

Our hand smoked garlic is traditionally cold smoked over a mix of Oak and Cherry wood.

It's great as a flavour enhancer; just simply use as normal garlic to put a subtle smoky flavour through your food.

Our Chilli mash is made using locally grown Cornish chillies and is great for an extra kick of heat through your food. Simply add to the dish you are cooking, add as little or as much as you like (depending on how brave your'e feeling!).